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Some things you should know about Audaz.

Creativity is almost everything

We are as well-informed as we are creative, but creativity is more important. We study, learn and undertake all our lives.

Medium is boring

We seek holistic understanding, harmony between content and aesthetics, between science and intuition. We're not afraid of making mistakes or corrections; mediocrity doesn't comfort us.


We have social skills, we create real and trusting relationships. We communicate in other languages. We are the world, we are curious and open to new things. We smile at life.

If it's one person's problem, it's everyone's.

We act in a disciplined manner, focused on results. We believe that sustainability means being a profitable and prosperous company, with interdependent values. We respect available resources and the environment.

We're in this together

We defend and care for people of all classes, genders, religions and political views of good. We are humble, intense and live it all. We evolve. It can always be better.




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    Americana - SP
    19 3471.0800
    Av. Nossa Sra. de Fátima, 240 Salas 61 e 63
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    São Paulo - SP
    11 4506.3166
    Brg. Faria Lima, 1461
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