Us, Audaz

It used to be an agency, now it's also a business house, tomorrow you'll ask again.

We are a non-agency. We think beyond advertising. Insatiable by nature. Eternal students. We set out into the world in 99 when TV was the icing on the cake, the newspaper was read on the sidewalk at home, we memorized brand jingles and no one really knew what to do with the internet. We come from a small town, but that doesn't mean we've stopped in time.

We're always changing. Seriously. It's quite possible that you visit us for a coffee and, months later, we've already changed things around here. From an agency that was housed in a pharmacy, we are now a three-storey marketing and software house that uses advertising, design and technology to win hearts and minds.

Here there are people who know a bit about everything and are a bit about everything too. Questioning, respecting conventions and destroying paradigms at the same time. There's no escaping it. After all, daring to be is in the name. So if you're looking for someone who can think along with you about how to conquer the world, give us a call.

Community & Content

Community & Content

"Oh, it's social media, isn't it?". It is. But that's not all. Here, we think about content. Stories and stories.

We make your brand connect with the public by delivering what they are interested in reading, hearing and talking about. We take care of what the world says about your brand and what your brand says to the world.

  • Digital culture
  • Content creator
  • Community manager
  • Consumer experience
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Art & Copy

Art & Copy

Do you know about communication? Here it really starts with a good chat.

We listen first. The pain and the love. We plan, we research, we develop, we have a coffee between processes and we rack our brains to really understand who we need to talk to and how. We solve problems creatively. The important thing is the idea.

  • Design
  • Advertising
  • Brand design
  • Script
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Code & Digital

Code & Digital

No, we're not going to talk about how much the world has changed and how digital we are. You already know that. What you need to know is that we have the tools, and some very geeky people, who know exactly how to transform the web environment with the user experience always at the center of everything.

We have a software house so we can offer solutions with rapid implementation.

  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Code for website and APPs
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Branding & Planning

Branding & Planning

Creating a brand means using your head to get to your heart. We've been part of the birth of brands of all kinds, from retailers to spiritual publishers, and we combine strategy with creativity so that people can connect with their purpose.

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Brand system
  • Voice and tone
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What keeps the planet Audaz in orbit

Actions that take place on and off the agenda to keep our people happy, stimulated and, more often than not, thinking a little.

Cover on ADZ Cast
ADZ Cast

Information loud and clear. The agency's podcast is a place to hear and feel what the people here and passing through have to say.

About ADZ Cast
Cover about ADZ Maker
ADZ Maker

Cover on More Grls
More Grls

We have made a commitment that by 2020, half of our creative team will be made up of women. And, look, it's not long now before that happens.

About More Grls
Cover on ADZ Jr.

Cover about ADZ Lab

A space for experimentation and ebullience. Experiences shared to transform life on and off the agenda.

Cover on ADZ Bio

A meeting point between Audaz staff and, well, themselves. Bioenergetic analysis carried out here at the agency.

Cover on Prefeitura Audaz
Audaz City Hall

Life and politics do mix at Audaz. We work with elections for councillors, councillors, mayor and mayoress. That way, everyone's voice can be heard.

About Audaz City Hall


We love what we do, of course, but sometimes people from outside recognize this and even reward us for it.

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People who trust
in us

Clients. Partners. Brands. Friends. People who have been in our meeting room and created with us.

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